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The "Popcorn-eating Monsters" Teen Book Club got together to go and see the movie adaptation of the book "Divergent" by Veronica Roth.  All the club members had read the book, including Miss Sarah, and we wanted to see if we'd approve of the film.  Miss Sarah was pleasantly surprised--she really Read more about The "Popcorn-Eating Monsters" go to see "Divergent"

We enjoyed a wonderful "Tropical Vacation" in the Children's Room during school vacation, but we couldn't have managed it without the help of our teens.  They came in to help with the "Matchbox Mania" event, the "Tropical Spa",  the "Stories, Songs, and Smoothies" event, and the "Tropical Dance P Read more about Teens Help Out in the Children's Room

Have you read any "Sweet Reads" lately---books that you LOVE, and that you think others would love, too???? Read more about Sweet Reads in the Young Adult Department!

When the Popcorn-eating Monsters get together, it's not all just snacks and cocoa...although there's plenty of that.  We love to talk about the books we're reading, the series we've loved, the movies we've seen, and just about everything else!  This week we also talked about making a short film t Read more about What we talk about...

On the third Wednesday of every month, the Popcorn-Eating Monsters Club gathers in the library to chat about books.  Oh, and to eat popcorn, too! Read more about The "Popcorn-Eating Monsters" gather to talk about books...

When you're in the young adult area of the library, make sure to look for the Isinglass Award books. Read more about Have you seen the Isinglass Books for 2013-14?

Come to the Young Adult section of the library and check out our collection of chilling fiction...whether you like to read about zombies, serial killers, or supernatural horror, we can keep you up all night... Read more about Good Reads from the Dark Side

Just look at the beautiful bracelets that were created here at the library this week...Sharon Colvin, the young-adult from the Chelmsford Library in Chelmsford, Mass., came to visit, and show us what to do. We made some amazing jewelry and had a blast doing it! Read more about Teens & Tweens Crafting @ the Library

So many duct tape colors and designs to choose from...

We gathered at the library to create some amazing Duct Tape accessories--"Duct Tape Queen" Kim Goodwin showed us how to make flowers, wallets, bookmarks, bracelets... Read more about Digging into Duct Tape

Casey demonstrates the proper technique for making a "monster" out of a rock...

Thanks to the "Popcorn-eating Monsters" book club members, we had plenty of help at our rock-painting craft workshop today--we couldn't have done it without you guys!! Read more about The "Popcorn-eating Monsters" help out w/ kids' craft time!