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Remembering...The Civil War in Focus - January Programming Series

The Civil War is widely considered to be the most pivotal event in American history. To commemorate the ongoing 150th anniversary, the Amherst Town Library will host an adult programming series focusing on different aspects of the war and its impacts on the United States. Click the title of each program to sign up!

New Birth of Freedom: The enduring importance of the Civil War  - Tuesday, Jan. 7 @ 7PM
What was achieved by the Civil War?. In this lecture, we will explore some of the ways in which American life was transformed by the war, in ways that no one could have predicted at the time of the first cannonades at Fort Sumter.

The Civil War Poetry of Whitman, Melville, and Dickinson - Thursday, Jan. 9 @ 7PM
Dr. Keith Williams of St. Anselm College will present these three literary giants of the 19th century and their reactions to the Civil War in poetry. Their inspirations, styles, and works and will be discussed and compared.

Vanished Veterans : New Hampshire’s Civil War Monuments and Memorials - Tuesday, Jan 14 @ 7PM
From Berlin to Hinsdale, New Hampshire's towns erected a fascinating assortment of memorials to The War of the Rebellion.  From obelisks of the 1860s and continuing to re-mastered works of the 21st century, historian George Morrison presents a diverse selection of NH’s commemorations. Brought to you

An intimate portrait of Amherst Civil War Soldier, Charles H. Phelps - Thursday, Jan 16 @ 7PM
In this presentation, Bob Korkuc, resident of Amherst, NH, will bring Charles Phelps alive through letters he wrote home to his sister, over the period of October 1861 through April 1863, Charles will reveal his wartime experiences as he served for the Fifth New Hampshire Volunteer Regiment for the Union Army during the Civil War.  

The Caning : The Assault that drove the Civil War - Tuesday, January 21 @ 7PM
Congressman Preston S. Brooks of South Carolina strode into the United States Senate Chamber and began beating renowned anti-slavery Senator Charles Sumner with a gold-topped walking cane.  Well-known author Steve Puleo explores this historical event that precipitated the start of the Civil War in his new book, The Caning.

Civil War Quilts - Tuesday, January 28 @ 7PM
Presenter Pam Weeks is the curator of the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA.  She is a quilt historian and her first book, Civil War Quilts, was released in 2012.  This lecture will feature quilts of the Civil War period and Pam will also bring several quilts from the era, and reproduction quilts.