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Catch the Spirit

Serious Little Dancer

October, 2013

For the month of October, the Friends of the Library will be presenting Beverly Melle and her beautiful oil paintings at the Amherst Town Library on the main floor.  Beverly has participated in both “Celebrating the Harvest” and “Inspiration of a Painting”, recent themed exhibits presented by the Friend's of the Library, and now has a solo show call “Catch The Spirit”.  In her Amherst studio, Beverly's recent focus has been on portraiture, though she enjoys the flexibility of exploring landscape interpretations through oil as well.

“The story is my process.  My paintings offer a unique interpretation and engagement with my subjects, be they landscapes or figurative paintings.  I relish seeing a child come to life on my canvas, or setting a mood in my landscape paintings. It is my wish that the paintings engage not merely the eye of my viewer, but the mind and heart as well.”  The source and theme of interest in Beverly Melle’s figurative work, lies in the gesture and honesty of movement captured on canvas.  Beverly is at no loss for subjects, she is lucky enough to have grandchildren and their friends nearby, experiencing a variety of pleasures and activities for her to choose from. 

Beverly’s earliest artistic memories began in Mrs. Gallagher’s second grade class.  Singled out as “class artist”, she found fulfillment in exploring art. That identity fostered a confidence and freedom to explore art materials with gusto.  Beverly taught Art in Lenox, MA for well over twenty years, the last 15 years with high school students.  During her teaching career, Beverly was awarded several grants that allowed her to travel nationally and internationally to share art experiences and studies.  “I learned on my feet, always searching for an opportunity to enhance my knowledge of Art, Cultures, and Architecture, always excited to share my new experiences with my students”.

Following retirement, Beverly turned her attention to her easel. She likens her exploration on her visual journey to a feast at a banquet table:  so many choices, such unstructured time.  Over the past few years, Beverly has narrowed her focus to oil painting, her medium of choice.  “I am happy with how I’m progressing. I’m discovering my path to an honest portrayal of how I see and engage with my art.” Commissions for children's portraits are welcome.  If interested, please contact Beverly at   There will be an Artist Reception on October 20th  from 2 to 4pm, where you can meet and chat with Beverly and while viewing her spirited exhibit of paintings on the main floor of the Amherst Town Library.